Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October Sky

We usually like to go on at least one substantial hike each weekend. Sometimes we just don't have the time. So we go to MacIntosh Lake at the West end of town. It's about 4 miles all the way around. I consider this more of a walk rather than a hike as it is perfectly flat with no gain in elevation. There is a beautiful view of Mt. Meeker and Long's Peak.

Tagging is a blogger's game. You tag someone by leaving a comment on their blog and letting them know that they have been tagged. When you have been tagged you post several random, weird, or whatever facts about yourself. Then go tag seven other blogs. Post the URLs of the blogs you tagged. That's it!

Alrighty then! I just realized that I've been tagged! So here are seven facts about me:

1. I have a MS in Computer Science (so I'm a geek).
2. I was married to my husband 6 months after we met.
3. I had a close encounter with a bear one evening in Rocky Mountain National Park.
4. My favorite TV show is One Tree Hill, no wait - it's Pushing Daisies, or . . .maybe it's Fringe!
5. If I won the lottery I would donate a bunch to Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota.
6. I love potato chips on ham sandwiches.
7. My grandmother's grandfather was a math professor at a university in Austria.

OK - Here's who I've tagged:


one-eared pig said...

Beautiful picture! Thank you for tagging me! I will comply tomorrow night.


MizMerryMac said...

I take up your tagging challenge! ...and I grow in networthiness as a result! Thanks Mary Beth!

Mary Beth said...

Thanks for playing!

vonna said...

Tag your it! Where is the dodge ball?

Mary Beth said...

I am so gonna get you, Vonna!!!

Lisa said...

Thanks MaryBeth...I've been sick but hoping to catch up on the tag this weekend.

Sharon Driscoll said...

A computer geek, huh? My daughter has an MS in CIS - SAP Expert. I love the lingo but don't "get it". Congrats on the tag! A bear, yikes, we have had them in the neighbors backyard and watched them from the deck - we have a fence but I kept thinking they could jump it.....or maybe plow through it.